7 Factors affecting App Development Cost

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The App Development cost usually depends upon features, complexity, platform, and technology that is used for building the app. However, it is important to properly understand all the factors that influence the App Development Cost.

Below are the 7 most important factors affecting App Development Cost:

1.Platform and Technology:

If the organization consider building an app for all platforms, then the App Development Cost will be higher. The time required for the development of such apps is more because of the complexity of different programming languages. As the programming language used for iOS is different from that required for Android.

  1. Features

An App usually consists of different features such as image/gallery integration, Social Logins, online payment, reservations, calendar etc. With an increase in the number of functionalities, the App development cost will increase


Generally, all apps require some sort of database and CMS in order to store and retrieve the information with ease. Setting this database feature will increase the App Development cost.

4.Screen Resolution

The screen Resolution of Smartphone devices is different from that of tablets and phablets. Developing a tailored app to support all type of screen resolutions requires more time and eventually the App Development Cost goes up.

5.App Integration

Extra time is required to spend on integrating an app with third-party APIs. It is usually observed that a developer has to have a fair idea about existing API before he integrates it with new App. This process is usually complex, time-consuming which ultimately lead to App Development Cost.

6.Offline Support

Mobile app Offline Support refers to the ability of an app to react flawlessly to an unstable network connection. Developing an offline support facility for apps is time-consuming. Due to this, App Development Cost increases gradually.


Testing is a symbolic element to determine the cost. It is ultimately important to conduct extensive testing before the launch of the app.

The first testing may not be the last testing. So there is a possibility of repetitive testing in case of non-achievement of the desired success rate. This element increase App Development Cost.

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Ref:- https://www.openpr.com/news/1410246/7-Factors-affecting-App-Development-Cost.html

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